Slide Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the County, Town and Village reviewing the governance structure for the three municipalities?

  • The municipalities are looking at how they might best support long-term resilience and economic growth in the region. We may be able to achieve efficiencies or leverage our combined investment in strengthening the local economy by aligning our policies, coordinating our land and infrastructure planning, and sharing delivery of municipal services.

Who is doing the Study?

  • An independent consulting team of Nichols Applied Management and ISL Engineering and Land Services has been hired to explore and analyze the three governance options that are being studied. They will complete a review of background information, interview Council and Administration from all three municipalities, implement a public engagement process, and develop a recommendations report.
  • A Steering Committee made up of the Mayors, the Reeve and Councillors, and an alternate, as well as the CAOs from each municipality, has been formed to review Study findings as work progresses, consider engagement findings based on public and stakeholder inputs received, and provide direction. The Mayors, Reeve and Councillors are voting members of the Committee, while the CAOs provide support. The Committee Chair is on a rotating basis.

How is this Study funded?

  • The Province of Alberta has provided a grant to secure an independent consulting firm to complete the review of governance options.

Who makes the decision on which governance option will be chosen?

  • The final decision on which structure to proceed with will be made by each of the respective Municipal Councils, based on citizen input and after a comprehensive background document review, led by an independent consulting team, has been completed. Following submission of the recommendations report to the Steering Committee, the report will then be presented to each of the three Councils. Pending the results of the Study, additional analysis and community input will occur prior to any changes to the current governance structure of the municipalities.

How can I get involved?

  • Public input is key to the Study process and you will have several opportunities to learn more about the Study and share your perspectives. The project website will be updated regularly with background information and details on upcoming engagement opportunities. The first round of engagement is anticipated to occur in mid-February with the second round anticipated to occur in May.

How will you engage the community with the restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Based on the current provincial restrictions, the engagement opportunities in February have been designed to be primarily online, virtual engagement. We are hoping to conduct in-person engagement in the second round of engagement in May, but it will depend on the current restrictions at that time. Mailouts, hard copies of materials and surveys, written submissions and joining online sessions by phone will also be provided to support those uncomfortable or unable to participate online to still be engaged. The best approach will be determined based on the health and safety recommendations at the time of engagement.